Afrikan Kartel is a hybrid-fusion of Reggae & Hip-Hop music which incorporates Jazz, Gospel, and, R&B that energizes, enlightens, and expresses the experiences and struggles of life.  Life is a mixture of positive and negative, Afrikan Kartel seeks to create a dynamic balance by focusing on the positive aspects of  the human experience through music which speaks truth to power and provides realistic solutions.  Afrkian Kartel’s message is one of overcoming obstacles through their internationally diverse message which criss-crosses every genre.  Their music addresses the struggles being experienced within ourselves, our families, and our communities and how we can overcome them through creative love, harmony, communication, and working together. Afrikan Kartel has created a unique sound for themselves which is universally distinguished from other groups.  This next Grammy-Award winning group has generated a fever-frenzy buzz and following via social media. Their euphoric performances at major clubs and music festivals have put them in the spot-light at annual events such as the Sweet Auburn  Festival and A-Town Day in Atlanta, Georgia,  as well as other sold-out venues in Florida, and New York City.

Their personal and professional background is equally spellbinding. From a humble beginning, the duo  “Image-I” and “ S.Dot” met in high school and have worked tirelessly for eleven (11) years, successfully perfecting their exclusive branding,marketing, style and stage presence.  Equally brilliant is their recent  dynamic appearance in New York, on May 9th, 2015 at the Red Carpet,  New Jack Era event sponsored by GM Entertainment & Tina Alfano, Pepsi,  Mountain Dew, Sonic Boom, Nets Basketball, Knicks Basketball, DJ Envy (from New York’s Power 105.1), Trifecta, and many others.

Look for Afrikan Kartel’s electrifying performance at many other venues including the Summer Stage  in Harlem, New York on May 17th, 2015. The group will be continuing their debut of their most recent release in an EP called "Struggle Muziik",  released early 2015.  It  consists of five social, melodic Hip Hop Reggae tracks with hits such as  “Lick Shot”,  “Struggle Muzik” , and “Flashy Lights”. The EP can be found on iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, CD Baby, and all other major online distributors.  Check out the group at www.afrikankartel.com . For bookings please contact the group at afrikankartel@gmail.com or 646-693-4818.